Teleki Villányi RedY


Blauburger, Portugieser, Syrah



The name of the wine is a playful shortened version of the English word ’ready’. It is the latest communal brand of Villány wine region. The letter ’Y’ at the end refers to the objective to address members of Y generation with this so called ’bistro wine’. Light, fruity, naugthy, cheerful, lovely, exciting, ’funky’ wine. It does not want to seem more nor less, RedY is exactly what its producers are: young and young hearted winemakers. Villány people like having fun and they know how to make real parties, therefore they have created the perfect party wine.

Teleki Villányi RedY contains – apart from its Portugieser base – some Blauburger and Syrah. The first gives zest, the latter adds spiceness to the wine.

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